Pantry & Food Storage Containers

Organised Pantry Round Glass Jars Storage Containers

Glass Jars for Food Storage

Did you know our glass jars make perfect food storage containers and safe for making homemade jam and preserves?  They are food grade jars!  Not only do we offer pick-up in Brisbane but we deliver jars to Australia - wide.

As shown on our Jars & Bottles page we promote our small jars for bomboniere and large round jars for rustic wedding table decor (they make affordable flower vases and candle holders). 

What's great about choosing our round glass jars for your wedding table decorations is you can recycle them after your event and give your kitchen pantry a well deserved makeover!  That's why we supply lids with our large jars!


No minimum order for glass jars!

Herb/Spice Jars

$1.30 each - 110ml square jars, black lids (72mm H x 53mm D) 

$1.50 each - 100ml round jars, white or black lids (63.7mm H x 57.3mm D)

Custom Herb & Spice Vinyl Labels Stickers Australia Custom Herb & Spice Stickers Brisbane Australia Teal Herb & Spice Custom Labels Organised Pantry

Food Storage Jars

All round jars include white lids (black lids available on request for 100ml to 1L only)

$1.40 each - 150ml round jars (88mm H x 57mm D)

$1.70 each - 250ml round jars (97.6mm H x 67.4mm D) 

$1.80 each - 375ml round jars (127.6mm H x 72.3mm D) 

$1.90 each - 500ml round jars (148.1mm H x 78.3mm D) 

$2.80 each - 1L round jars (183.2mm H x 97mm D)

$6.00 each - 2L round jars (223.5mm H x 124.5mm D)

Black & White Custom Vinyl Pantry Labels Australia 2L Pantry Glass Jars Food Storage Containers Australia Teal Custom Vinyl Pantry Labels Stickers Australia

Herb/Spice Jar Tray

$15.00 - Natural Jute Tray, fits 20 (240mm D x 320mm L x 90mm H) 

Organised Kitchen Pantry Glass Jars and Labels Australia

Olive Oil Bottles

$4.00 each - 250ml round glass bottles, black lids (pour insert)

(231.5mm H x 49.4mm D)

$4.50 each - 100ml stylish square glass bottles, white lids

(175mm H x 44mm D)

We have vinyl stickers for Olive Oil, Canola Oil & Vegetable Oil. Add $1!

250ml Round Glass Olive Oil Bottles Brisbane Australia Small Spice Jars and Olive Oil Bottles Brisbane Small 100ml Square Glass Olive Oil Bottles Australia 100ml and 250ml Small Glass Olive Oil Bottles

Custom Pantry Labels

We offer quality vinyl custom kitchen pantry labels. They apply easily and are waterproof! Offered in black, white and new teal colour! Other colours available by request. Choose your own font!  In addition we offer ready made labels as part of our complete pantry jar packages.

Herb & Spice Labels

50x25mm Rectangle

32mm or 38mm Round

30x25mm or 40x33mm Curvy

Various prints eg basil, cumin etc: 

Sheet of 20: $28 / Sheet of 50: $38 / Sheet of 100: $58 

Food Storage Labels

50x35mm Rectangle

50x41mm Curvy 

Various prints eg flour, sugar etc:

Sheet of 20: $30 / Sheet of 50: $40 / Sheet of 100: $60 

Label Orders

Label pricing includes FREE EXPRESS POST (labels only).  Our labels are posted direct to you from our label supplier.

To order your labels, please mention the size and colour you would like along with the list of names you would like printed eg flour, rice, etc. A proof will be sent to you via email for your approval. Please allow 5-7 business days for your labels to arrive once approval is given.  

Pantry Jar Packages

We highly recommend our affordable pantry jar packages:

Package 1 - $70

4 x 2L Round Glass Jars

8 x 1L Round Glass Jars

5 x 500ml Round Glass Jars

2 x 250ml Round Glass Jars

1 x 150ml Round Glass Jars

10 x 110ml Square Spice Jars

Total: 30 x Glass Jars

Package 2 - $75

Same as Package 1 but includes 10 x 100ml Round Spice Jars instead of 10 x 110ml Square Spice Jars.

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